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 LGHS Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

LGHS Four Focal Point

Louisville Girls have four focal points geared towards helping them realize their expected goals. These are:

About Louisville Girls High School

Louisville Girls High School Ijebu Itele is owned and managed by the Institute of the Sisters of St. Louis, a religious group of women. The Institute was founded in 1842 in France by Abbe Eugene Marie Louis Bautain with a vision of ‘a world healed, unified and transformed by the saving wisdom of Christianity’ and a mission to particularly instruct the young, care for the sick and work for the salvation of souls. Presently, the central house (headquarters) is in Dublin, Ireland. In Nigeria, the provincial house where the leader and proprietress of the school, Sr. Isabel Mann with her team reside in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.


The Sisters of St. Louis are in nine countries of the world: France, Ireland, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Ethiopia, USA, and the United Kingdom, but with a very active mission in Africa. The St. Louis Sisters arrived in Nigeria (Kano State) in 1948. There are presently about 140 sisters of St. Louis working in Nigeria.
Louisville Girls High School was established on 11th January 1998, in a quiet rural community, Ijebu Itele, devoid of all forms of distraction. It is an environment that is highly conducive to learning. There are presently sixty-five teachers, twenty-eight clerical and forty-five utility staff, and five hundred and eighteen (518) students for the 2016/2017 academic session.


LGHS is one of the finest investments in your daughter’s future. We offer comprehensive education, VAT (Value Added Teaching) inclusive. Together with other girls from different states, beliefs and tongues, your daughter is assured of being molded into a humble, intelligent, loyal, honest, kind, generous, obedient, God-fearing and focused individual among future women of integrity.

With our regular assessment, the entire members of staff are competent in their field. The teachers are hard-working and professionally trained; the results over the years have proved their worth and competence.

St. Louis Crest


A glance at the St. Louis Crest, the coat of arms, used in all St. Louis schools is the surest way of making contact with the distinctive spirit of the Institute of the Sisters of St. Louis.