Frequently Asked Questions About Louisville Girls High School, Itele

Who owns the school?

The school is owned and run by the Sisters of St. Louis, Nigeria Province

Is it a Catholic school?

Yes, it is.

What type of food do the students eat?

The food menu includes meals that are common in Nigerian homes. They include bean meals (jollof beans, steamed ground beans (moin-moin) & fried ground beans (akara), boiled rice & stew, jollof rice & fried rice, cassava meal (eba), bread with boiled or fried eggs, sweet potatoes with fried eggs, spaghetti, boiled yam, yam flour meal (amala), cornflakes and golden morn. Eggs, meat, and fish with fruits and vegetables go with the meals. Snacks are served twice daily. Students with a need for special diet are given due consideration.

How many students do you have in a class?

Each class has the capacity for thirty-six students. Most classes usually have between 24 and 30 students.

Can one be allowed to check the students’ hostels?

Yes. Visitors (on request with the permission of the principal) are allowed to come and check the hostels in the month of August between 9am – 1pm from Monday to Friday each week when students are not on the compound.

Do you have good teachers and how many are they?

Yes we have very good teaching hands which can be attested to by the students’ high moral and academic standards. For now, the school has sixty-eight teachers.

Are the students going to become Reverend Sisters when they leave Louisville?

Helping LGHS girls become women of integrity is the focus of the school. How they live out this life of integrity is each student’s decision.

Why is the school located in this local area and not in a big city like Lagos?

The school is located in the best place for it. The village is quiet and peaceful, just the right atmosphere for learning without undue distractions for which city life is known.

What is the source of electricity and how reliable is it?

Our sources of electricity supply are PHCN, 120KVA and 250KVA generators, and Inverters. IBEDC power supply is not quite stable and so we depend on the generator from 5.00am till 3.00pm and 6.30p.m till 10.30p.m before switching to inverters till 5.00am the next day.

Why is your grading system so high?

The grading system is so high so as to get students to face the reality that they are competing with geniuses on one hand, and those who cheat on the other.

Why do students wear low cut?

Students wear their hair low in order to concentrate on academics.

Why do you have just three arms of classes?

These three arms give us about ninety students per year. We feel that it is better to keep the number low in order to be able to know each student well and to give each one the attention she deserves.

Why is transfer not allowed into all the classes?

It is simply a matter of policy not to admit students midstream into both our junior and senior classes.

Are students of other religions admitted into the school?

The school admits and embraces students of diverse faiths and beliefs.

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